Ronchi Tiziano - Sculptor

Tiziano Ronchi was born in 1995 in Brescia, where he lives and works.

Graduated in Architectural Design at the Milan Polytechnic and in Contemporary Visual Arts at the Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia.

He traces his daily life and his art, through walking, traveling, direct experience, and deep contact with Nature and with the Other.

There are three themes at the basis of his artistic research: Interpenetration, Imprint and Cataloging.

Interpenetration as a 'con - fusion' between the human element and the natural element, contamination of linguistic spheres and of different materials in relation to natural laws and social and individual balances.
Interpenetration is visceral exchange, sexuality: the need to leave an imprint, germinative origin: pure Nature.

Footprint as a need to mix and mark oneself with the Other and Nature itself.
The work is an important physical presence, involving the user in a profound exchange with the material and the Trace, between experience and knowledge.

Cataloging as an evisceration of emo - sensations aroused by the relationship with the Other and with Nature and an attempt - the will to trace a natural scale, the result of the artist's personal experience, a generative osmotic filter between the world and its intimate feelings.

This implies the assumption of a great responsibility in returning to the Other.

Tiziano has been part of the "Borgo degli Artisti" of Bienno since 2021.