Viewpoint (Art installation dedicated to Battistino Bonali)

In the middle of the old town, at the height of the washroom at Via Re is the Belvedere, erected to allow visitors a view of our hamlet and surrounding mountains and to honor Battistino Bonali, famous biennial mountaineer famous all over Italy in the 80s- 90 thanks to his goals, such as the climbing of the Northern Wall of Everest, who died along with his friend and climbing companion Giandomenico Ducoli during the uphill of Mount Huascaràn, Peru's highest mountain in 1993 due to an avalanche.

The monument, inaugurated on 16/03/2014, was created for the twenty years of the death of Battistino by the plastic artist Luca Cataldi in collaboration with Mattia Trotta, Daniele Fabiani and Silvia Zotta.

Luca himself wanted to dedicate this brief thought to this work and to the memory of Battistino ...

"It is difficult to summarize in a work the spirit of Battistino Bonali, his determination as a child, his research, the sensitivity to living and absorbing the Great Mother Nature, a mere force that goes beyond any doctrine ... will and vocation in following it, abandoning it almost without being able to do it ... trying to look for ...
Trying to get up there ... to struggle, to purify himself before he gets there, where "God" understood as "Simplicity" and "Love" is manifested to the pure "Men" ... forever ...
It was then thought to dedicate to Battistino a strong emotion, such as that he felt in the heart of the mountain, as the one he transmitted to us, and not a monument to the fallen, since Battistino Bonali never really fell.
An installation, happy, playful, different, a space to be filled with small simple but great emotions, round emotions, like those that filled his heart.
Small, apparently insignificant details perfectly tied to each other, starting from the place ... the heart of Biennale, the heart for the family, the heart for the Mountain ... CASA ... "

Luca Cataldi

Plastic Artist