3) The Millstones and the Buratto

There are two granite millstones, one upper and one lower.
The upper grinder is the one in continuous movement and is perforated on the surface to allow the beans to pass and given the rotary movement of it, through the grooves, to shatter.
While the lower one remains fixed and also has radial grooves, from which the reduced powdered cereal passes.
The millstones are contained in a linden wood cylinder, used for the elasticity it maintains while being in continuous contact with the water.

The ground thus enters a small wooden conduit and reaches the "Buratto" inside a cylindrical sieve.
It is traversed by "Bataröi" pegs, which favor the fall of flour in the wooden container, and is equipped with two different types of net that allow the sifted flour to be divided into two grains.

Now the flour is ready to be collected and sold in the dedicated sales outlet located inside the mill.