Trotta Mattia - Sculptor

Mattia Trotta was born in Savona on January 24, 1980, is an Italian sculptor, a vicentino of adoption, is part of the “Borgo degli artisti di Bienno, and one of the artists who in his works recalls the tradition of our village of Iron.

After a first cycle of technical-level studies alongside the passion for musical experimentation, since 2002 he has seen the world of plastic art that he immediately recognizes and embraces as the only means of translating his own personal research.
In fact, sculpture is the place where it combines wisdom and technical experience in the field of metals with antitrust and tension to existential understanding, looking for meaning that often in its work translate into symbolic images, suspended and intimist character.
Some of his works already adorn Italian parks and squares, one of them the "Fratelli" work commissioned by the Tuscany region and installed in the park of Villa Fabbricotti, Florence.
While another opera at Bienno that reminds us of the tradition of our Iron Village is "Ol Frear", or the dialer in the dialect, which is present in Via della Liberazione, 1 (The Town Hall Square).

Mattia is part of the "Borgo degli Artisti" since 2013.

Photo Portrait: Gianluca Pavarini