Renato Calaj - Painter

Born in 1992, lives and works between Milan and Düsseldorf.
His research comes from the spray can and from two different spaces on which it finds expression: the wall and the canvas. Conceptual and minimal.

The typical techniques of graffiti are deliberately eliminated. Space, border, limit and time are the keywords of his art. Gray overpasses, concrete, asphalt and provincial roads.

He begins to work with public interventions that disseminate small, primitive and awkward spray signs in the residual spaces of the road infrastructures, which attempt a timid personal re-appropriation of anonymous non-places.

These are minimal essays of street - art which, in the peripheral Italian province, mean "I'm here", "I exist in indifference". At the same time cultivating a constant pictorial practice, Calaj brings back these cement suggestions in his paintings, often contextualized within the exhibition space with site specific mural interventions.

If there is one thing that the experience of the urban organism is capable of teaching, it is man's extreme ability, in relating to common life, to adapt to the most unexpected and diversified contexts and situations.

Situations that bear witness to a serious unease for unresolved social issues and which, moreover, also demonstrate the great flexibility of the human being in making their own, inhabiting and loving the most unexpected fragments of space.