Archbishop Morandini Art Gallery

The generosity of Archbishop Giovan Battista Morandini, and his desire to show love for his native country and its inhabitants, has allowed the Borgo di Bienno to take another step forward in the evolution of the project of the "Borgo degli Artisti" "To make the country a real" showcase of art ".

The religious has in fact decided to donate to the City, in early 2016, over 40 works of art now present in the Palazzo Simoni Fè.

Entering the rooms of the Palace the tourist will enter a sort of teleportation machine, succeeding in a few moments to visit first a corner of the east, then one of the west, passing from the African continent, etc ...

By visiting this exhibition you can open your horizons to discover new cultures and techniques, retracing in a few rooms the long spiritual and cultural journey made by the Archbishop during his religious and human journey.

Below is a brief thought by Archbishop Morandini on this art gallery...

"Art collectors generally turn their attention to iconologies whose themes are specific and concern the landscape, the myth, the religious motif or something else.
My collection, on the other hand, is meant to be a testimony to emotions, states of mind, memories connected to the places we have passed through the many years of priestly mission, in a journey that has led me to know all the continents.
I imagined that the common thread of the collection was like the beads of the Rosary: these are generated by the Crucifix and return to it forming a magic chain; so the works on display underline my earthly walk from Valle Camonica to Valle Camonica.
The earth that generated me with the loving strength of my parents Peter and Anna Maria welcome me back.
I believe, therefore, that this gift to the Valley, in particular in Bienno, may be the best testimony of the love I bring to my people and to my land. "


Mons. Giovan Battista Morandini

Archbishop of Numida





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