''OPEN CALL'' Artistic Residency 2024

OPEN CALL ! Artistic Residency application form by 15/04/2024 residency starts at 15/05/2024 The 2024 theme is: Serendipity is positive randomness, spontaneous creative motion.

Not waiting, but searching, perceiving, opening our gaze to everything around us.

A work in progress that transforms mental and physical spaces, creating change.

Even error sometimes leads you to explore unexpected places from which ideas, discoveries, art works and innovations are born. 


OPEN CALL LINK https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ACUlRs2F9AdMdHeX90hh4tFP5NDNgv9c?usp=sharing 


Send application form to info.borgoartisti2.0@gmail.com