Lascioli Maria Anna Paola - Creative sewing

Maria Anna Paola Lascioli was born in Olavarria (Argentina) in 1969 and has lived in Italy since 1975, where she studied and worked for years as an administrative employee.

In 2008, following his passion for fashion he attended some courses of cutting and sewing, patchwork and appliqué.

Self-taught learning and improvement leads her to diversify production by specializing in creative sewing items for children.

It is known to the public as "bicho feo".

In recent years he has devoted himself to packaging tactile and sensory books to which he gives a very personal interpretation and characterization.

Since 2012 he participates in the Bienno Exhibition Market editions, organizes short courses for the creation of tactile books and creative sewing items.

Paola is part of the Borgo degli Artisti of Bienno since May 2019.