The Cerreto trails - Trekking

Welcome to the Cerreto park and venture into the tranquility of the woods, history and culture of our territory

Cerreto is a mountain whose woods are strewn with easy and harder paths that’ll let hikers and bikers discover its beauty. Birch, cherry, larch, fir and deciduous trees frame the paths running along places that tell stories and legends: one of these legends sees the “Preda de l’altar”, a massive granite boulder, as a holy site and sacrificial stone used by druids. The mild climate creates the perfect environment for a rich and diversified flora, whichin turn provides shelter to many species of birds, but also badgers, foxes, dormice and reptiles. On the other hand, the mountain lacks game. PLEASE NOTE that some paths are open to bikes and vehicles: pay attention during your hike. We mustn’t forget the environment belongs to us all: it is our duty to protect and respect it.


Winter blossoms

One may think the best time for hiking is spring, but all seasons bring different kinds of new life.

Explore the woods during winter: you’ll be welcomed by bushes of heather and cyclamen, and with some luck, you’ll spot a Helleborus niger: the pure brightness of this winter rose will be worth the effort.


The “life path”

This training route starting once again from the main entrance to the wood consists of 16 stations equipped with gym facilities and instruction panels, in order to help visitors maintain an active and proper lifestyle.


Quercus wood and Rocco, the giant Owl

This is the name of the fantasy themed route that begins at the main entrance, close to the converted church of “S. Pietro in vincoli”, and develops on 3 levels, eventually reaching the highest viewpoint, Rocco the giant panoramic Owl. A rough stone hand with three fingers holding a book will introduce the visitor to the fantasy wood. Different creatures, some inspired by the many indigenous species of flora, will guide the hiker through the forest. All of these works are made of wood, stone and iron, our territory’s materials, and their creators are the local artisans and Guest Artists of our “Artists Borough”.

The "Wood of Quercus" and "Rocco, the giant owl" are the projects of Daniela Gambolò & Alberto Dalla Valle Art (Borgo degli artisti Bienno), realized thanks to the collaboration with the Municipality of Bienno, the Bienno Turismo Office, the group CAI of Bienno and the MTB Valcamonica Association.


Commemorative plate for Battistino Bonali

Battista Bonali, for everyone Battistino, has been one of the best italian climbers of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Born and raised in Bienno, he climbed the Himalayas and attempted to climb the Huascarán, an enterprise that cost him his life. His friends of the CAI (Italian climbers club) commemorate him with a plate placed at the first level of the wood. He still shows his love for heights in his poetry:

“Dear mountain”.


Artistic Installations

PLEASE NOTE that these art installations are purely decorative, and NOT interactive. The administration does not take responsibility for damages caused by visitors’ misconduct.


Connection to the “hiking trail of the valley floor”

This loop trail connects the villages of the Grigna valley (valley where the Grigna stream flows), Esine, Prestine, Berzo Inferiore and Bienno. In this trail is included the path that runs across the whole Cerreto park, starting from the main entrance and ending close to the small church of “Madonna del corno”, in Prestine. Thus Cerreto is linked to all the villages of the valley and, last but not least, to another local beauty: Maddalena’s hill, a small park home to a church, a restaurant

and a 10 Mt tall golden Christ statue, overlooking the valley. Find the PDF map of the trail googling “Sentiero escursionistico di fondovalle Valgrigna” or on .


Recommended equipment

  • Hat;
  • Backpack;
  • Walking sticks;
  • Trekking shoes.