Guarneri Duccio - Visual artists

Duccio Guarneri was born in Cremona in 1994.
Lives and works between Cremona and Brescia.

After graduating in Artistic Decoration at the Santa Giulia Academy of Fine Arts in the three-year period 2014/2017, he obtained a two-year degree in Contemporary Visual Arts at the same Academy in March 2021.

During the decoration course he learned and experimented some of the traditional and ancient artistic techniques, including gilding and fresco; during the two-year period of Contemporary Visual Arts, however, he approached the most modern disciplines, such as photography and the creation of installations.

The fundamental cornerstones around which the artist's poetics revolves are the place and the material.
The artist investigates these concepts through different artistic languages ​​(painting, sculpture, photography) and different materials, both pictorial and plastic, such as plaster, cement, ash, wood and organic materials.

The purpose of the works produced is both to experiment with new materials and to create works based on the use of the subjective memory of the place: hence the concept of preluogo, a term used by the author to define rarefied and imaginary landscapes, object main of his works.

Lately the artist has experimented, through sculpture and the use of organic materials, various techniques to allow the place hosting the work to be co-author of the work itself, through the action of atmospheric agents, after the artist has created and shaped the material, creating real site-specific installations.

Duccio Guarneri has been part of the "Borgo degli Artisti" of Bienno since July 2021.