Gambolò Daniela - Artist

Daniela Gambolò is an artist from our village, the variety of works she carries out brings out Daniela's passion for the world of art, always in continuous development.

Born in Milan, he lives and works for a few years between Veneto and Friuli and then arrives in the province of Brescia thanks to the 2015 call. In Bienno he participates in the life of the "Borgo degli Artisti" association; with Alberto Dalla Valle he leads the working group "il Melograno" which proposes creative / expressive paths aimed at schoolchildren in the area, but not only.

He designs, paints, illustrates and also dedicates himself to landart installations.

During his stay in the Borgo Daniela has created several works, some scattered around the historic center.
The latest is "Signum", the result of months of study and work with Alberto Dalla Valle, a symbol of artistic energy and creativity that overcomes obstacles and boundaries.

"Signum" work presentation video


Daniela has been part of the "Borgo degli Artisti" since 2015.

Portrait photo: Gianluca Pavarini