Hermit of the Saints Peter and Paul

The hermitage of S. Pietro e Paolo is a collection of religious buildings which, although outside the historic center of the village, give visitors unique emotions dating back to the 1228-30th century by St. Anthony of Padua.

Over the centuries it was changed, becoming more and more impressive, it even went from the Milanese Province to the Venetian saint in February 1769 and was subjected to several restorations.

Only in 1977 some young camouflaged a "Reference Group" for the promotion of spiritual and cultural meeting opportunities.

From there at that time began different initiatives that made the hermitage as now.

Its location is a natural terrace overlooking the Camonica Valley in the charming setting of the mountains of the Adamello and Concarena chains.

The Hermitage is articulated around two cloisters and the old convent church.

Inside, two chapels allow celebrated gatherings and moments of personal prayer.

Outside, a vast green park surrounds it.

The structure can count on about 50 guest rooms, a 200-seat auditorium, with adjoining rooms for groups and therefore can accommodate cultural conferences, business conferences or business meetings.

It also has a library with about 30,000 works, still under final settlement.

At the center of the square is the Monastero delle Clarisse, who gladly share the moments of liturgical prayer and the Eucharistic celebration.

The life of the Hermitage is animated by a small community: a diocesan priest and three Dorothee nuns from Cemmo.



From Monday
to Sunday
09:00 - 17:00

The timetable may be subject to variations
more info at: 0364 40081