Ercoli Claudio - Blacksmith

Claudio Ercoli was born in 1983, son of one of the "Maister" Bienno smiths. It has been part of our Bienno, "Borgo degli Artisti" for some years. Claudio's passion for this work encourages him to acculturate himself in this world and to refine his working technique more and more.
Below is a brief descriptive text written by Claudio himself.

"It is thanks to my father if I started to build knives in 2011/2012, this passion has become ever greater and I have been studying books on the American construction method of various types of lockable knives, Hunting grounds.
For my creations I always work fantasy and I create only very special pieces that feed my desire to always try new things. "

Claudio is part of the "Borgo degli Artisti" since 2016.

Photo Portrait: Gianluca Pavarini