Crimella Barbara - Sculptress

Barbara Crimella born in 1973, born in Rho (Milan), is a new artist adhering to the Bienno project "Borgo degli Artisti".

Below is a description provided by Barbara regarding her passion, her art.

"My inner research is linked to the landscape.

Landscape both as a place in which to make a work dialogue, but also a source of a possible source for the attainment of a mental state of introspection that only observing the landscape carefully can give.

The search for a state of ecstasy that can provoke in us a sort of silence, given by the temporary detachment from the reality of the temporal space in which we absorbed every day.

A very important need to know each other and give value to our life which is a precious gift.

For me, nature is always a source of inspiration given by its purity and perfection, spontaneity and perfect harmony between the parts.

It is important to analyze the territory to identify a glimpse of particular relevance and give the opportunity to signal it as a point where the viewer himself, thanks to the installation created, can reach this state of silence, space-time extraneousness.

Analyze the different types of local nature present and draw inspiration and evolve them to make them fit into my new horizon.

We must look far and at the same time create a link with the place of observation. "

Barbara is part of the "Borgo degli Artisti" from July 2019.