Moving wooden joists

Artwork created in May 2019 by Marta Fumagalli and Riccardo Pirovano at the Dosso park in Bienno.

The installation consists of a practicable covering in wooden beams arranged heterogeneously on the park wall.

Overall, the work appears as a sign of harmony with the landscape, a natural form that caresses the pre-existing architecture almost to remind a wave of the Grigna torrent.
Along the wall, small "windows" allow plant species to grow undisturbed.

The soft wooden surface thus becomes a sort of "floor" where you can walk and stop.
The climb is favored by some protrusions camouflaged along the wall.
In the places where the shape is rippling, backrests have been obtained thanks to which it is possible to enjoy a moment of peace lulled by the sound of the Grigna torrent overlooking the medieval village.