St. Geltrude Comensoli's Birthplace

Located at the entrance to via Contrizio, a few steps from the border of the historic center, the birthplace of Santa Geltrude Comensoli contains evidence of the life of the Santa Biennese.

Inside, Catherine spent most of her childhood, first as a simple girl and later as a religious, experiencing moments of reflection, prayer, joy, leisure but also of great doubt and pain, both physical and mental.

The building is structured on three floors, each of which deals with different fundamental aspects of his experience of life and faith.

The first floor, "On the way to the Good", is dedicated to birth, growth, formation and above all to his choice for consecrated life, up to the foundation in Bergamo of the Institute of the Sacramentine Sisters.

The second floor, "Jesus, love you and make yourself loved", deals with the theme of her charism that she lived and passed on to her sisters.

The third floor, "My Heaven on Earth", draws the visitor's attention to the Eucharistic spirituality that characterizes Mother Geltrude, and documents the way of her canonization.

Each floor offers particularly significant images taken from the life of Caterina Comensoli and her nuns.

The comments, elaborated in first person, in a chronological perspective, effectively integrate the historical news.





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