Mill museum with attached laboratories


Guided tour of the Mill Museum still functioning thanks to the energy of water dating back to 1400 and the adjoining housing structure, a true ethnographic museum.

Guided tour of some sections of the Vaso Re, an extraordinary work of medieval hydraulic engineering, a source of energy for the various factories in the town of Bienno.

Grain grinding: During the laboratory activity, the children will be stimulated to observe the different types of cereals for flour, object of cultivation, yesterday and today, in the harsh soils of the Camonica Valley, to try to grasp their similarities and differences.
Using the five senses, they will then manipulate the different grains and, through the didactics of making, they will be able to experiment their grinding with the use of millstones and stone grinders and thus obtain different flours both in color, grain and flavor.



Recommended for nursery and primary schools;

Duration: h. 2.30;

info: 3450484986