Forge, museum mill and medieval sawmill




Guided tour of the Forge museum.
On the lower floor you can admire a fully functional medieval forge, while on the upper floor you can access the collection of mineral finds found during excavations in the Campolungo iron mine (over 1200 ml).
There will be a demonstration of forging in the traditional way.
Here the Blacksmiths will enchant visitors by producing objects of various kinds, a unique opportunity of its kind.

Guided tour of the Mill Museum still functioning thanks to the energy of water dating back to 1400 and the adjoining housing structure, a true ethnographic museum.
Guided tour of some sections of the Vaso Rè, an extraordinary work of medieval hydraulic engineering, a source of energy for the various factories in the town of Bienno.



12.30 with the possibility of indoor lunch



2.30 pm departure for Prestine by bus and visit to the Razèga, the Prestine sawmill probably of medieval origins is today the last remaining on the entire territory of the Eco Museum and the valley of the hammers.

At one time this sawmill operated by the force of the water captured by the "VALLE DELLE VALLI" stream that flows alongside the sawmill destroyed by the flood of 1634 and immediately rebuilt in 1777 today belongs to the "original ancient society" of Prestine.



Recommended for secondary schools and technical institutes;

Duration: h. 5.00;

Per informazioni chiamare il 3450484986