Bienno, a town friend of itinerant tourism

To give weight to the tourist vocation that is establishing itself in Bienno, our village offers all camper friends a complete package for the weekend to discover the peculiarities of Bienno with excellent value for money!






Crew arrival and accommodation at the equipped camper parking area in Via Prati, (corner with Via Pizzo Badile), at GPS coordinates: 45 ° 55'55''N10 ° 17'24''E.




h. 09.00 - Meeting with the tourist guides;

Guided tour of the Forge museum.
On the lower floor you can admire a fully functional medieval forge, while on the upper floor you can access the collection of mineral finds found during excavations in the Campolungo iron mine (over 1200 ml).
There will be a demonstration of forging in the traditional way.
Here the Blacksmiths will enchant children by producing objects of various kinds, a unique opportunity of its kind.

Guided tour of some sections of the Vaso Re, an extraordinary work of medieval hydraulic engineering, a source of energy for the various factories in the town of Bienno;

Guided tour of the mill dating back to 1400 and the adjoining housing structure, a true ethnographic museum.

The cultural animators will guide tourists to discover the testimonies dating back to the Middle Ages, a period of feuds, castles and towers, in the ancient village.
Here remain four of the seven towers, still well preserved, and some tower-houses.
Originally built for defensive purposes, they were then used as dwellings in the sixteenth century.
In the Renaissance period, the village acquired a certain importance as the products of the steel industry, now a monopoly, ensured the economic well-being of the inhabitants.

We will visit the Church of Santa Maria (1400) with its beautiful ex voto frescoes and the stories of the countless saints that are found inside.

h. 12.00 / 12.30 - END OF VISIT



h. 15.00 - Start of the visit;

Visit to the art workshops in the historic center.

In recent years, the Municipality of Bienno and the Valle Camonica Cultural District have worked in synergy to equip exhibition and hospitality points in the municipal area, thus creating the conditions for promoting a larger project called Bienno Borgo degli Artisti, a project that intends to invite new artists, designers, creatives to reside in the historic center of Bienno and in the context of the Camonica Valley

Bienno Borgo degli Artisti is an initiative that intends to enhance the model of the "artist's workshop", a workplace and expression of creativity, where the artist manages to find in his own intimacy and in the context that surrounds and hosts him, the inspiration needed to create new works.

Visit to Palazzo Simoni Fè the complex fully preserves its neoclassical artistic and architectural structure.
Inside we find a collection of contemporary art works of international fame by Italian and foreign artists donated by Archbishop Morandini, apostolic nuncio to various countries of the world, to the Municipality of Bienno.
Here we also find the recently restored wooden Compianto by Paolo Amatore 1611.

Guided tour of the permanent naturalistic didactic area to discover the animal and plant species typical of the territory and not.



h. 18.00 - Possibility to attend the pre-festive mass at the Church of Santa Maria Annunciata.




h. 09.30 / 10.00 - Start of the visit;

Guided tour of the complex of Santa Maria Maddalena dating from the late 13th-14th century which is a particular testimony of eremitic architecture.
The complex consists of two chapels, called Santa Marta (lower) and Maddalena (upper).

In 1930, on the occasion of the laying of the statue of Christ the King (by Timo Bortolotti), it was decided to extend the chapel of the Magdalene.

The large gilded sculpture in pure gold of the majestic Christ the King dominates the heart of the Camonica valley, from the height of the Colle della Maddalena in Bienno.



Visiting days (Saturday and Sunday):

€ 12.00 per person (min 30/40 people)


Equipped camper parking area for the weekend (from Friday to Sunday evening):

€ 25.00 per camper