XXXth Mostra Mercato Bienno


28 August 2022

The 30th market exhibition ends today.

We had been waiting for it for two years and expectations were high but today we can say that the 30th edition was a success.

Many people came to Bienno and this year we broke the visitor record.

We estimate about 230 thousand visitors.

Many emotions have accompanied us in these 10 days full of excitement.

Thanks to the guys from the mm association who once again planned everything down to the smallest detail.

Thanks to the citizens who have lived in silence the discomfort that an event of this magnitude can give ...

Thanks to the citizens who have granted us the spaces ....

Thanks to all the Biennese who worked continuously for 10 days so that every visitor could be welcomed as a guest.

Let's close the curtain and everyone have a well deserved rest.

Not too much rest though, because in Bienno it will be a hot September full of initiatives: palio dei 5 Cantù, concert of the Armonie, biennial forging, 50th anniversary of the Avis association.

We are waiting for you in Bienno, because Bienno is Bienno.


The Mayor
Ottavio Bettoni