The Romanino Way

Pictorial itinerary of a restless artist

The Romanino Way

16 March 2023

The Romanino

"Perhaps it is not heresy to say that Romanino was the true Atlas of the 16th-century Brescian pictorial universe."

A journey of discovery of the painter Girolamo Romanino. Homo viator, restless pilgrim, Girolamo Romanino belongs to the ranks of those who "carry their suffering with them like a talisman" (quoting Montale).

Girolamo di Romano di Luchino, known as Romanino, was born in Brescia, presumably between 1484 and 1487.
The first twenty years of his life are shrouded in mystery: nothing is known of his social background or from whom he learned his trade.
It is assumed, however, that he was a child of art, since brothers and cousins were also painters.


Romanino's Way - cultural and artistic route

La Via del Romanino is a cultural and artistic route that aims to promote the works that Girolamo Romanino left in the territory of Brescia and Bergamo.
Although the project does not claim to be all-inclusive of what was the author's pictorial initiative in the Brescia and Bergamo area, it constitutes a synthesis, under the banner of artistic richness, landscape and environmental sustainability.

The Via, which develops on a south-north (from Brescia to Bienno) and east-west (Rodengo Saiano- Castello di Malpaga) axis, intersects some of the most evocative places that our territory can offer: the elegance of the two capitals, Franciacorta, Lake Iseo, and the hills and mountains of the pre-alpine arc.
In this very rich landscape context are set the treasures left by Girolamo Romanino.
The stops have been identified to allow visitors arriving in the two capitals on the occasion of BGBS23 to take the Romanino Route on foot, by bicycle, by public transportation (train, boat).


The website

All information about the artist and the La Via del Romanino itinerary is available on the website, where an introductory video of the itinerary and detailed fact sheets of all the places involved are also available.