Bienno, that's where we are today!

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Bienno, that's where we are today!

12 March 2024

Have you ever visited the ancient medieval village of Bienno? Today we are taking you there!

Bienno is a medieval and Roman village located in the middle Camonica Valley, known for its incredible historical charm.

Every year, it attracts thousands of tourists with its historic buildings, museums, frescoed churches and great local food.

The Bienno Market Fair, held in August, is a major event in the Camonica Valley.

Points of interest include the Simoni Fè Palace, the art gallery, the Francesconi Rebajoli Palace, and the Ethnographic Museum of Iron.

Bienno is also famous for Colle della Maddalena, home to the pure gold statue of Christ the King, and the Hermitage of SS Peter and Paul, a place of spirituality with an extraordinary view of the Camonica Valley.

What to see:

Museum of rural life
Those passing through Valle Camonica cannot miss a visit to the Mill and Museum of Peasant Life in Bienno, a valuable example of perfectly preserved local history.

Artists' Workshops
A charming environment available to artists traveling through Valle Camonica and eager to make their creativity known: this is the Artists' House in Bienno, housed inside a historic 16th-century building.

Quercus forest
The mountains of Bienno boast a Land Art excellence with installations created by local artists: it is the Quercus Wood, reachable starting from the Church of San Pietro in Vincoli and visitable through a beautiful trekking path.