30 years of artisan inspiration ...


WEEKDAYS: h. 5.00 - 00.00 pm / SUNDAY: h. 10.00 am - 00.00 pm

SATURDAY 20: h. 5.00 - 00.00 pm / SATURDAY 27: h. 2.00 - 00.00 pm


After two years of stop, the Mostra Mercato is back, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first edition, 30 years of artisan and artistic inspiration, the 30th anniversary of the restart

Bienno, the ancient medieval borough nestled between Camonica Valley's green mountains, will experience once again the splendor of its past times. More than 200 Artists and Artisans will enliven the Oldtown, turning it into an open-air workshop.

A variety of artworks, art installations, handmade products, shows, music and old crafts will charm the more than 230.000 visitors, as every past year, who will swarm Bienno's alleys to discover ancient beauty and tales of an old past.

Our Mostra Mercato is an authentic Arts and Crafts Exhibition, recognized on a national and international level. It attracts artists from all over the world, from Saint Paul de Vence ( France), to Latin America.

Bienno's Mostra Mercato keeps striving to improve the level of artistry, shows and tourism promotion, in order to please visitors and foster tourism from outside our valley and province. People will see that a place still exists where arts and crafts reach the highest levels, cradled in the beauty of one of the richest and more picturesque Oldtowns in Italy.