A special evening all in WHITE!


#CENAINBIANCO an evening of conviviality, good food, good music and above all fun,

all this in a special village with a particular theme ... White !!!

You are a bit confused ... Don't know where to start? We'll think about it! Take notes!

Let's start by reviewing the A-B-C, the basic rules ...


What's the theme ?! Obviously, the "white": dress code and table setting must be strictly total white (we care a lot)!

Who can come ?! Everyone, young and old! For this, share, share and share! Don't be shy!

What should you bring ?! We put tables and chairs, but tablecloths, cutlery, plates, balloons, flowers, candles and various decorations must be brought from home!
The setting of the table, strictly white, must be taken care of in the smallest details because ... the effort will be rewarded: the table judged to be the most beautiful will win a delicious dinner offered at the Bienno Market Exhibition!

What are we eating?! Give vent to the Chef Cracco in you: the menu is free and, the only exception to the rule, it does not necessarily have to be white!

And then? The party is total white, but the spirit is very green: the magic ends without a trace. After the event, the dinner venue should be left uncontaminated, without traces and waste, as we found it before transforming it for our banquet!

The location ?! CURIOSONS! You want to know everything right away, huh ?! Keep an eye on the social networks, it will be revealed only 24 hours before the start of the event!