WEEKDAYS: h. 5.00 - 00.00 pm

SUNDAY: h. 10.00 am - 00.00 pm

SATURDAY 24: h. 5.00 - 00.00 pm

SATURDAY 31: h. 2.00 - 00.00 pm


Mostra Mercato Bienno, for more than 30 years beauty for the eyes, for the heart and for the soul!

Bienno, the ancient medieval village nestled among the green mountains of the Media Valle Camonica will relive the glories of the past, transforming itself into an open-air workshop, thanks to the 200 Artists and Artisans, who will enliven the heart of the historic centre.

Once again this year a whirlwind of works of art, installations, handicrafts, shows, music and ancient crafts will enchant the over 230,000 visitors who will fill the teeming alleys full of history and beauty.

An authentic review of Art and Artistic Craftsmanship at national and international level, which attracts creatives from all over the world, from Europe to Latin America.

Mostra Mercato Bienno continues in its search for growth vehicles from the point of view of exhibitors, shows, tourism promotion, so that visitors can testify, outside the borders of the valley and Brescia, that there is a place where craftsmanship and art are brought to the highest levels, cradled by the beauty of one of the richest and most evocative historic centers in all of Italy.