Avanzini Lucio - Basket Maker

Lucio Avanzini is one of the artists of our village and we can boast in saying that he is a Biennese DOC, in fact he was born in Breno (Bs) on July 29, 1983, but has always lived and still lives in Bienno.
Lucio's passion for his craft is great and he has been pushing it to create baskets for years. Below is a statement by Lucio himself about his passion.

"I learned to build baskets in 2003 by Giovanni Salvetti called" Ronchèl "by Niardo, class 1925 having always felt in me the need to keep alive the traditions of the past. In addition to making baskets, I am interested in local history, I deal with Of onomastics or study of names and surnames, of traditional agriculture, having graduated from Agraria to Edolo, studying dialects and traditions in general. The many exhibitions at the exhibition market I participated in and the Borgo dei progetti artist have allowed me to carry on and improve these my passions. "

Lucio is part of the "Borgo degli Artisti" since 2014.

Photo Portrait: Gianluca Pavarini