12th Station


The first traces of human life in Camonica Valley date back to 8000 BC, with human presences who lived in the woods and they attended to hunting.
The main documentary source is based on the engravings on the Camonica Valley rocks, which are widely used not only on the mountain slopes but also along the valley bottom.
So, the route ends here, where the Vaso R (the R Duct) goes back to being inaccessible again and there are three huge “corten” steel profiles, which portrayed large masses of stone with engravings of the ancient inhabitants of Camonica Valley.
Near the drain has been placed a metal spiral in order to evoke with its winding movement the continuous and inexorable flowing of the water and the flying of the time.
The introduction of a metal grid in the open space between the suspended duct and the road surface guarantees the making safety of the place.