11th Station


The first settlements of a stable character in the flat lands of the Camonica Valley were registered beginning from 2800 BC, during the so-called Mineral Ages: the Copper Age (2800–1800 BC), the Bronze Age (1800–850 BC) and the Iron Age (850 BC –16 AD). At that stage, there was witnessed the birth of the first settlements consisting of small huts near the mines of the prospectors.
Campolungo, on the outskirts of Bienno, is an example of a first settlement near a copper mine.
Only with the Bronze Age, however, there can be spoken of real permanent villages linked to the mineral extraction. Some “corten” steel profiles of ancient Camonica Valley figures, which are set out in a ring, as if they are ready to dance around a symbolic hut, recall the birth of the first settlements of a stable character.
A metal footbridge connects the road to the upper surface of the sluice, allowing the public to have a broader view of the suspended duct and its installation.