10th Station


The Rhaetian civilization or the one of the Iron Age, marked a significant transformation of the territory of the Camonica Valley: while, on the one hand, the social structures grew stronger, on the other one, were built the first furnaces for the ironworking that favoured the development of the productive activities.
In that period, there came and dominated the Camonica Valley territories, firstly the Etruscans and then the Celts, influencing with their technical knowledge the evolution of the iron and steel industry.
Especially the Celts introduced the production of weapons, which firstly were made up of iron and after of steel.
In the furnaces was introduced the ventilation system called “tina dell’ora”, that allowed to reach much higher temperatures. Some profiles, inspired by the racer of the rock, an ancient rocky engraving of the valley, allude, with their race towards the centre of the country and the valley, to the evolution of the iron and steel industry over the centuries and the race towards the progress, resuming ideally the starting point for the route.