9th Station


The Roman domination (16–568 AD) brought significant changes in the iron and steel industries and consequently in the development of the Camonica Valley civilization.
The Romans, people of great warriors and traders, were interested in mineral processing, especially for the production of weapons. There was created a good collaboration between the local population, which did the ironworking, while the new rulers provided for its marketing and export.
The evolution of the urban development was such as to move more and more the people, which till that time were concentrated in the high part of the valley, towards the lake in order to help the dealings.
The mining activities also influenced the religious beliefs: the faith of ancient pagans was supplanted by the metal one, in which the water takes an important ritual role too.
The main shrine of the Valley is the temple of the water dedicated to MINERVA and SATURN. An imposing profile of Saturn, patron divinity of agriculture, reminds us the other essential use of metals for the construction of tools for working the fields.