5th Station


The seventeenth century is the age of the great aristocratic families.
These are families that begin to emerge from the fifteenth century and which are fully defined in the seventeenth century, a period during which they completely take the place of the feudal families, which were already in decline by the end of the fifteenth century. In general terms, we can classify the noble families from Bienno into two groups: the families with military vocation and the ones with commercial vocation.
The first families, the oldest ones and represented by the Guaragnoni and the Franciscans, were mainly engaged in protecting the inhabitated place from thefts and lootings, that were very frequent at that time, and with this object in view they stimulate the manufacture of weapons of defense.
The second ones, represented by the Simoni, the Mendazzi and the Fantoni, dealt mainly with trades.
The heraldic emblems of the families float like nymphs on the surface of the duct that is almost motionless in front of the old Forge, which is no longer used nowadays, in order to witness the ephemeral and floating nature of the dynastic power.
An overhang view consents to observe from above the conduit.