4rth Station


The development of the big iron industry is the basis of the crisis of the creative handicraft’s season that is typical of the recent years.
The evolution of productive techniques determines the cutting down of workplaces, which has been followed by a strong phenomenon of emigration to the territories of north Europe and America.
The migrant phenomenons are evoked by shapes that represent “the feet of the workers in the world”, which is associated with a proud atmosphere of great creativity but also nostalgia.
The course of the Vaso R (the R Duct) in this stretch that is partially filled in and difficult to be interpreted, is redrawn by a new metal grid and the “wave” paving, in which also are placed stars and constellations that reflect the nocturnal sky.
The removal of an existing grid consents as well to make visible a short stretch of the Vaso R (the R Duct), protected by a new parapet, the motif of which recalls the motion and the musicality of water. A new stained wall serves as a floor.