2nd Station


The strongest shake to the permanence and the functionality of the duct is due to the development of big industries that during the twentieth century have begun to settle in the lowland outside the built-up areas, and whose diffusion today creates that sensation of confusion perceived by who drives along the provincial road from Esine to Bienno.
The diffusion of new energies leads to the progressive abandonment and the removal of the productive realities settled for centuries within the urban core due to the presence of the duct.
The Vaso R (the R Duct), impoverished by the loss of function, has increasingly the role of an encumbering presence on the occasion of the urban viability revision or the residential expansion.
The forges, that are no longer used, especially those that are settled along the current Via Re (Re’s Street), are demolished in order to show the progress towards the new urban era.
The icon of a laundress (the seventies of the twentieth century), witnesses the change occurred in using the water motive-power, that now is no longer utilized for the production of tools and ironworking articles, but only for simple quotidian domestic purposes.