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From the ironworking to the energy system that is made through the assessment of the sustainability of an ancient village

Thanks to the funding obtained from the Lombardy Region, Bienno, which is placed in the Central Camonica Valley, will deal with the theme of sustainable development in the next months, through the analysis of two key factors for the economy: tourism and energy.

Continuing the undertaken project towards the EMAS II environmental certification, Bienno has decided to make sustainable its tourist routes, too. Through the formation of a Permanent Centre for Sustainable Tourism, which will involve public and private subjects of the Central Camonica Valley and the development of the idea about the creation of the village-hotel (a widespread accommodation in the medieval village, with a unique central point of reference), Bienno will set up tourist routes dedicated, in a specific way, to old people, disabled persons and schools and it will hightlight its respective environmental impacts present in the territory.

The development of the project, structured in four working tables, may be monitored through this website. The first three tables will be dedicated to the theme of sustainable tourism, analyzing the routes and the possible difficulties of the users, weighing the environmental impacts and considering the territorial capacity of hospitality.
On the contrary, the fourth one will be dedicated to energy: there will be carried out some energy checks of public buildings, in order to identify possible inefficiencies and will be defined the system of energy certification, as provided by law for the private buildings. Furthermore, there will be defined a building regulations with characteristics of energy efficiency.

The project aims at marking out tourism of the Central Camonica Valley and coordinating the action of the different subjects that operate in the territory, professionalizing an important sector for the economic territorial growth, as well as promoting the good usual procedures based on the theme of sustainable energy.

Germano Aldo Pini
Sindaco del Comune di Bienno

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