4th Table

Today has been met for the first time the table related to energy. There were present the municipal managers and technicians of the five administrations involved in the project.
There has been carried out an introduction about the project in general and, in particular, about the purpose of the meetings. The first ones are addressed to the internal resources of administration, in order to provide that formation/information necessary for tackling the issue of energy certification; subsequently the meetings will be open to the public, with the achievement of a shared environmental assessment of the draft pertinent to the building regulations.
The meeting was held with a first part related to the theme of the light pollution, the presentation of this subject and the dedicated introduction of regional normative text 17/2000.
There have been provided some data of economic nature about the difference in lamps used for public lighting. So, there have been illustrated the tasks of the Municipalities and has been shared the theme of the importance of the public lighting planning.
The speeches about thde subject have been numerous, given the considerable interest of the administrations in the issue. Finally, there have been provided some practical information about the systems, which are in accordance and not, with the provisions of the regional Law 17/2000.
There have been so dealt with the issue of energy certification, in the strict sense of the word, its importance and repercussions, through a preliminary introduction of the energy problem. Therefore, has been given a national and regional legislative picture about the issue, studying in details the tasks of the municipal administrations.
There has been proceeded to make clear the concept of energy analysis, certification and qualification, highlighting the state of fulfilment of the valuation methods and answering some questions about the particular difficulties that could affect the administrations. The meeting ended with several questions about the issue and they have been put off until the meeting of 15th March.

In the second meeting have participated only some municipal technicians, with whom has been tackled, in practical and direct terms, the valuation model proposed by Engineer Mara Berardi for the energy analysis of public buildings.
There has been shared the valuation instrument and have been asked some questions about it. It was therefore introduced the concept of renewable energy sources, discussing its feasibility in the territory, the adoption of one technology rather than another.
There have been asked some questions about the advantage in an economic nature and the profits of the investment.
There have been so dealt with the issue of building regulations containing principles of eco-friendly type. In the first place, there was put the option between a structuring in form of articles rather than the one of schedules to the attention of the participants.

There has been agreed about a well-constructed modality integrated by specific schedules on energy aspects and with further detail schedules for the technicians, were analyzed some examples of building regulations adopted by other administrations, highlighted what aspects could be of certain interest and benefit for the territory of the Central Camonica Valley in proportion to its geographic location, its building tradition and its problems, that have been verified in the recent years.