3rd Table

During the opening of the first of a series of meetings, there has been presented the programme and have been determined guidelines in regard to the accommodation structures. Particular interest has aroused the project of the “Village Hotel”; the goal is the one of creating a system able to integrate the culture with the local traditions, a growing demand for holidays in full contact with the community and in harmony with the environment.
The idea is the one of the “widespread hotel”, subdivided into several buildings placed in the village and connected to a single reception, which will provide for the accommodation of tourists in the hotel rooms. There has been sketched a common outline of furniture, referred to local traditions (for example: an iron bed forged by our craftsmen).
There have been gotten the assignment to draw up a census of the vacant flats of private property; some of them will be assessed and will be contacted their owners.
There have been established to assess restaurateurs and hoteliers, who will be involved in the tourism project, which considers the creation of well-structured package tours. It was thought right to consider the accommodation structures, which are already present on the territory of Bienno and its neighbouring village, Prestine (for daily package tours).
There will be subsequently involved the structures present in the neighbouring countries (such as, Berzo, Esine, Breno and Cividate), with regard to multi-day package tours.


Here have been taken into consideration some of the buildings that fit better for the achievement of the “Village Hotel”. There have been contacted the owners and seen the buildings, has been a meeting proposal among the interested parties, have been defined the guidelines for restaurateurs, hoteliers and dealers, who intend to undertake the project, have been presented the minimum requirements for acceding to the “The Barberino Park and the Hammers Valley Tourist System”, have been presented the membership cards with implicit acceptance of the minimum requirements.
These requirements include:
  • The preparation of a map marked with the adherent structures; 
  • Having an inner expository space, clearly visible (a noticeboard), for all information on occurrences, events, etc. 
  • The presence of a common logo on the visiting cards, receipts, menu;
  • Having a mark of belonging to the tourist system;
  • Using of recycled paper and biodegradable detergents. 

We are looking into the possibility of an automatic detergent distributor.

Waiting for the next meeting, all the dealers will be contacted by letter and invited to participate in the meeting, in which they will be informed about the project.


The principal topic of the meeting has been in general the one of the settlement of the agreements, which will be agreed with restaurateurs, hoteliers and dealers.

There have been specifically taken into account the restaurants, weighing their receptive availability in reference to the target to which they will be oriented, that is to say: such as disabled people, third age and students.

There have been charged two restaurateurs, who were always present at the table working, with advancing the proposal for a standard menu and its relative price. It will be submitted and weighed during the next meeting of 26/02/07, where will be present all the restaurateurs, who have undertaken the project.
There has been verified the need for opening the museums on Sundays, against an objective demand by visitors.
This one, together with the opening on Saturdays and Sundays of the municipal tourist board and the commitment that we will ask to dealers for a Sunday trading, would make certainly more living the country.
At the end of the meeting, there have been considered some proposals for the Village Hotel and raised some doubts concerning the management of the widespread hospitality.
It will be a question of weighing and studying in details the terms and the relative costs that require a centralizing management.



The restaurateurs, who have undertaken the tourist project “The Barberino Park and the Hammers Valley Medieval Village”, have been the main theme of the meeting, called to conclude the agreement.

There have been set a fixed price for all the restaurants and a menu that includes typical local dishes and wine tasting. So, seven restaurateurs from Bienno and Prestine have joined the system and will comply with the requirements for membership, both as regards the reception of the customer through a formula of welcome and for lunch/dinner.

As well, they will have to adopt all possible measures, in order to respect and protect the environment, both in recycling and waste disposal and in cleanliness and hygiene. They have been also informed that these facilities will be put in this website, which is still getting ready, as memberships of the Permanent Centre for Sustainable Tourism.

There will be prepared a map, where will be indicated in addition to the dealers, also all the restaurants that have entered into the agreement.



There were called all the dealers from Bienno and acquainted them with the new tourist project, its objects and the economic impact that could derive. Then, there has been stressed the importance of creating a system, not only for the shops of the old town centre, but also for the ones of the periphery. The proposals and initiatives fit for offering to tourists the opportunity for shopping in Bienno have been welcomed.

During the execution of the new tourist paths or package tours will be given space to some spare time for shopping and visitors will be provided with a map where they could find a list of all trading businesses. As well as for the restaurateurs, all the dealers who have supported this initiative will be also put on-line in the new website of Bienno.

It has been proposed to the participants, even for a larger involvement of the stores located outside the village, creating a common point for the sale of typical and handicrafts products (such as, various kinds of cold meats and salami, cheeses, honey, etc.), and for their tasting and sampling. In this way the dealer would be helped for the sales and also the tourist for shopping. It is a question of identifying a building that will be at the municipality’s disposal and assessing the activities that will engage in it.

There has been required the undertaking of the adherent stores to be opened during Sunday days, with the possible turnover system, which will be still defined regarding time and manner. There have been also touched on the project of the “Hotel Village” to the traders, in order to awaken them to this initiative and involve a large number of persons in seeking the availability of rooms for its realization. At the end of the meeting, the town district councillor stressed the importance of the waste separation.

Afterwards there has been started again the proceeding with the members of the table based on the accommodation, where was presented the “Fair of Sustainability”, which is currently in a study stage and it will be held in Bienno from 21 to 23 September 2007 and will see the decisive participation of ARPA.


This was the last meeting of the table of “accommodation”. The following ones will be united with the tourist table. The opening question of the meeting was the “Village Hotel”; during it there have been chosen, as a result of appropriate considerations, the apartments assigned to the project.

In agreement with the owners, there will be arranged and redeveloped, while many original features will be preserved. It is essential to awaken and inform the population. In that connection, it will start an informative system, also through newsletters, on the aims of the project and on what to do for who is freely interested in placing rooms or apartments at the organization’s disposal, that if they have the appropriate characteristics can be used as rooms of the “Village Hotel”.

There have been communicated the new opening hours of the municipal tourist board, according to which the office will be open every day, including on Saturday and Sunday, from 9 am to 12 am. It is also expected the Sunday opening of the Museums, apart from the presence of visitors’ groups. The prices of package tours are still in phase of definition and there have been identified the tour operators on whom we can rely for the sale.

There have been considered some typologies of notice boards that will be proposed to businesses that have undertaken the project, has been confirmed in Bienno the FairForum of environmental certification, which will be held in September (21-22-23).
The Fair is addressed to all certified organizations of the Lombardy Region, whose aim is to create an expository contact for a greater visibility of the same ones.