Saint Geltrude Comensoli

Geltrude Comensoli
to the centuryCaterinawas born in Bienno (Bs) on January 18, 1847.

He was born into a very large family of10 brothers and sisters, of whom only three survived: Bartolomea, Cristina and Catherine.

His father,Carlo Comensoli,was ablacksmithin the local iron industry, and his motherAnna Maria Milesiwasdressed.

Given the great faith that she had shown since she received her first Communion early in six years and in 1867 she became part of the Compagnia di Sant'Angela Merici.

On December 15, 1882, he founded, with Francesco Spinelli, the institute of theAdorable Sisters of the Most Holy Sacrament,
(from which theSacramentan Sistersalso originated) and to take the name ofSister Geltrude.

On November 1, 1894, he opened a nuns' house in Castelnuovo Bocca d'Adda and in the same years in Lavagna, in the province of Lodi.

He died on18 February 1903in Bergamo (Bg).

It was declaredvenerablefor the heroic virtues of Pope John XXIII on April 26, 1961.
October 1, 1989 was proclaimedblessedby Pope John Paul II and on February 26, 2009 he wascanonizedat the hands of Pope Benedict XVI.

Santa Geltrude's recurrence is on18 February,day in which a procession is celebrated every year in the streets of the historic center in his honor.

Even today, the Santa's home is freely available in Via Contrizio in Bienno.