Valdajone Locality

Valdajone is located on the Bienno Mountains.
In its perimeter, naturally immersed in unspoilt nature, there are a hut and a mound.
It houses handicrafts typical of cow's milk products, later sold at various stores including our Mill.


Park your car at Bienno (Bs) at the intersection of Via Prestine and Via Ponte Prada, at the communal cemetery.
Take the flat paved road to the right.
You pass the Prada Bridge and just past you turn left and begin climbing on the asphalt road.
You continue and meet the roads that come from Prestine.
You cross the Novali resort and you reach the Sesa resort after about 1.30am (on foot).
As soon as you reach it you continue flat until you reach the new bridge.
Continue straight and (rather steep), continue the ascent until after about 3 o'clock (on foot) the Valdajone resort.
Nearby are the refuge and the Malga.

It is also possible to reach this Malga with the same ITINERARY.