The Wood of Quercus and Rocco, the giant Owl

The Quercus Wood is a town located on the Cerreto, the mountain bordering the Borgo.

Inside trees and bushes there are various paths immersed in greenery that will allow hikers a complete immersion in the plant and animal world.

Hidden among these, as if to guard the Bosco, there are several fantastic creatures including Quercus, the wise and powerful protector of the Bosco, made by the Borgo degli Artisti of Bienno.

On the way the tourist will come across historical artifacts, part of the history of the Borgo di Bienno.

On the top there is the "Prda de l'Altr" (the Altar Stone), a famous square stone is thought to be used as an altar or observation point in prehistoric times.

A few steps from the latter is instead "Rocco, the giant owl", a work of art created by Daniela Gambol and Alberto Dalla Valle of the Borgo degli Artisti of Bienno on which the tourist can climb to scrutinize the Borgo at its best of Bienno and all the surrounding territory.

While, on a neighboring path there is a plaque positioned by A.N.P.I. of Brescia in 1962 to commemorate the presence of a Baita called "Cerreto", a meeting point for Italian partisans during the Second World War.

Starting from 21 October 2018 it is possible to undertake not one, but three ring routes for biker enthusiasts!
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And from 7 April 2019 there are three more ring routes available for trekking enthusiasts!
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