Hermitages–Sources–Antiquities–Landscapes: along the paths of Barberino

The route “Hermitages, sources, antiquities, landscapes” expands around the Barberino Park.
The Barberino Park spreads out on a surface of about 118hectares and it is located in the east and south of the Municipality of Cividate Camuno.
It was created in November of 1986 by the Municipality of Cividate and recognized by the Lombardy Region as a local Park of an interest that concerns more than the single municipality.
It has a long and narrow shape, characterized by the presence of the Barberino and Bardisone hills.
All round it there are the inhabitated places of Malegno, Breno, Bienno, Berzo Inferiore and Esine.
This is an area that tells the attentive visitor the relationship between the man and his environment, the centuries of becoming civilized never rapacious, who, rather, has wisely known how to enter the environmental context without changing radically it.
The dry-stone walls, the “casi”, the “cis”, the effigies, the fountains, the vineyards, together with the self-vegetation and the various kinds of woods, form a heritage that is not only worth knowing, but it has to be protected so as it can be left to future generations.
Next to all this, is considerable the testimony of Christian devotion through medieval churches, notable for their architectural structures and the series of frescoes. Many of these churches are generally closed, so it is difficult for a tourist to enter there easily.
To develop the knowledge of the art and cultural heritage that these churches constitute, the Libraries and the tourist boards of the Municipalities that are interested in it have carried out a daily route that could consent to visit them, walking along the old link roads.
It is a smooth route on muletracks and pathways that does not require a specific gear or a particular season. So there has been created the walk “Hermitages, sources, antiquities and landscapes, around the Barberino Park” that is proposed every summer: on this occasion in each church there is a guided tour.

Afterwards there has been thought of supporting the traditional walk by producing a brochure through which could be offered to the interested visitor an instrument for planning independently his route, fulfilling the conditions of entering the churches (afterwards detailed).
We want also to offer a suggestion for approaching in a natural way the past testimonies, plunging into an environment sometimes estranging from the reality, always striking, that is able to offer unimaginable panoramic views.

For walking on your own, you can download the following brochures:

Hermitages, sources, antiquities - Landscapes round the Barberino Park (1)
Hermitages, sources, antiquities - Landscapes round the Barberino Park (2)
Hermitages, sources, antiquities - Landscapes round the Barberino Park (3)