The typical dish of the village of Bienno are the Casoncelli, large ravioli stuffed with boiled or roasted meat, sausage, bread, grated cheese, eggs, salt, parsley.
They are seasoned with melted butter, sage and plenty of grated cheese.

Also typical of the area is the Polenta, a very tasty product based on flour usually accompanied by the most varied dishes often based on meat and particularly game.

The traditional dessert is the Spongada a soft focaccia of flour, eggs, butter, sugar, salt, milk, yeast.

In addition, local cheese production is not to be missed.
Summer pasture is still practiced in Bienno; there are many witches on the mountains of the municipality that in summer host huge herds.
These traditional structures produce the most delicious butter and cheeses obtained from the milk produced in the malga.