Saint Geltrude Comensoli's house (where she was born)

Located at the beginning of Via Contrizio, a few steps from the border of the historic center, the birthplace of Saint Geltrude Comensoli contains evidence of the life of the Saint Biennese.

Inside Caterina spent most of her childhood, first as a simple girl and later as a religious, living moments of reflection, prayer, joy, leisure but also of great doubt and pain, both physical and mental.

The building is structured on two floors and although dating back to 1800 and small in size has maintained in perfect condition its exterior structure and its interior design components.

Visiting this place the tourist will be transported in a distant epoch and will live of the unique emotions.


From Monday to Sunday: Byreservationonly by calling, 0364 300335.

Directions: Via Contrizio, 2, Bienno (Bs)