Nature and Sport

The environment heritage, in which Bienno is immersed, is also of a great importance.
You can walk just a few minutes to leave the village and be immersed in a nature with firstly cultivated fields and then with the thick of the forests.
You can also drive a few minutes for reaching the Crocedomini pass at 2000 metres, from where you can leave for taking a trip at high altitude, among which stands out the path number 1 “The high path of Adamello”.

Cerreto Mount, nearest to the inhabited centre, at the foot of which Bienno lies and at whose summit lies a granitic monolith that probably in the past was used as a pagan altar, offers the opportunity for striking walks.
On this Mount there are many marked paths and a beautiful life route.
This is the ideal place for walking in a relaxing forest, enjoying occasionally striking landscapes, where the bush becomes less thick.

For promoting the mountain, in collaboration with the Carovana from the Alps of Environment League, has been organized the meeting “Trekking Bienno–Cimego–Iron connections among small municipalities” since two years, which through the Crocedomini Pass links the two villages that share the ironworking and the ingenious water canalization for utilizing its power: the Vaso Rč (the Rč Duct) in Bienno and the Rio Caino (the Caino Stream) in Cimego. In this crowded crossroads of routes also pass two more projects:

Ponte di Legno: at a distance of only fifty kilometres from Bienno, the skiing area of the Adamello Ski, Ponte di Legno-Tonale-Presena, is offered as an important tourist-sporting destination able to satisfy the more sophisticated demands of the snow and sport lovers.

Some more nearer ski-lifts can also be found in Borno, Campione Mount and the Palot Valley of Pisogne. Darfo Boario Terme, an important and renowned thermal resort offers an equipped health centre and a sport facility with swimming pools.