The typical dish of the village is the “Casoncelli”, a sort of ravioli that have a considerable dimension and are stuffed with boiled or roasted meat, sausage, bread, cheese, eggs, salt and parsley.
They must be seasoned with melted butter, sage and plenty of cheese.
Polenta is as well a typical dish of the region; the one made from the flour ground by the grindstones of the seventeenth-century mill is very good and it must be served with the sundry dishes, often with meat dishes and in particular with meat from hunting. The traditional dessert is the “Spongada”, a soft “focaccia” (a kind of flat bread) made of flour, eggs, butter, sugar, salt, milk and yeast.
You can not do without tasting the local dairy products, too.
In Bienno is still practiced the summer mountain pasture; there are a lot of dairy farms in the municipal mountains, which during the summer house impressive herds. In these traditional structures are produced the most delicious butter and kinds of cheese, made up of the milk produced in the dairies.