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The testimonies of a secular work culture, the indelible traces of a historical and artistic past of a great importance, the presence of a peculiar naturalistic environment and the savoury gastronomic traditions, make Bienno and the Central Camonica Valley an area of great interest, which will be pleasant and educational to be discovered.
To promote the knowledge of this remarkable heritage there have been planned a series of itineraries and each of them has been intentionally thought for a different target: such as students of schools of various kinds and degrees, mentally handicapped, disabled and members of the third age.
These are specific sightseeing programmes, able to answer in an effective and satisfying way to the different needs suggested by the age and the cultural, social, formative and didactic aims of each typology of users.

For daily tour proposals has been given the title “The water and the handicraft”, an ideal definition of a tour that helps everybody to discover Bienno and its history, which for ages has been closely related to the presence of the water, became the main resource for the work and so for the local thriving economy; this one, in its turn, has been indispensable for the local architectonic, artistic and cultural development that nowadays is highlighted by an enviable heritage of material culture, that only a few villages can boast.

Countries, skills and traditions” instead summarizes the various three days sightseeing programmes in the Central Camonica Valley, in a territory that affects as well as the Municipality of Bienno, also the ones of Breno, Cividate Camuno, Esine, Berzo Inferiore and Prestine.
Each country has its own peculiarities and points of excellence, such as archaeological, architectural, artistic or naturalistic treasures, traditions and singular customs.
All this will make varied, stimulating and unforgettable your stay in the Camonica Valley!

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