Bienno - Hospitality

Bienno: “the country of the hospitality”.

Playing an important role in the tourist sector, Bienno intends to strengthen its function of a hospitable country.
In the near future, among the main targets there are the planning and the construction of the hospitable facilities, the management of spaces and structures that are important for the tourist offer and the territory promotion.
A considerable attention is particularly paid to the construction of a widespread hotel which is a hospitable proposal that aims to develop sorts of tourism that focus on the proposals and the local environment.
The idea on which is based the widespread hotel, was born from the opportunity for the construction of new receptive facilities in the old town centre without building new buildings, but using the existing ones.
In the small centres, new structures might inevitably cause an undesirable environmental impact and bring too many modifications to the existing urban structure, but the use of existing housings produces beneficial effects on the conservation and protection of building heritage.
It is then essential to think clearly about it from an “open” point of view, taking advantage of the complementarity of the tourist receptive proposal of Bienno with the one of the Central Camonica Valley.