Bontempi Alice - illustrator

Alice Bontempi was born in Sondalo on January 27, 2000.

It immediately makes people talk about itself, in fact, already in kindergarten the teachers express concern for this little girl who '' is unable to produce spontaneous drawings and when she does so she almost exclusively uses black and brown ''.

He began his career as a writer early when, at the age of five, finding a spray can in his grandparents' cellar, he decided to “decorate” the neighboring houses.

Even at the middle school in Sondalo he makes a lot of talk about himself and is the terror of the janitors who every day have to clean up the "works of art" he leaves on the benches.

He expresses his creativity with compulsive accumulation, his room is full of stones, recycled materials and lots and lots of cardboard.

2014 is the turning point for her when she discovers that what for many are vandal acts can actually be done freely and there is even a school that encourages these activities.

He then enrolled at the Nervi Ferrari high school in Morbegno, leaving behind a family destroyed by separation and a mother with gastritis. She earns it in serenity.

The art school becomes her second home, so much so that in the last year she is elected as a representative of the Institute.

Here the stimuli are not lacking and so the Valtellina begins to become narrow; thanks to a scholarship he can also go to do damage in Ireland where he stays for six months and founds an 'Art Club' at the St. Joseph secondary school.

Here he keeps painting on commission (the Irish pay well after the second glass of beer).

What was just a passion begins to give satisfaction and promises for the future.

While continuing to work in the field of illustration, he participated in and won the twenty-second edition of Scarpatetti Arte, exhibited at the collective exhibition Valtellina Art Valley and attended the School of Comics in Milan.

From the height of his sixty meters (given as a gift) he can well say "Tiny person, BIG DREAMS '".

Alice has been part of the Borgo degli Artisti of Bienno since July 2020

Atelier: Piazza Roma