Boy Ufuk - Sculptor

Ufuk Boy†from Izmir (Turkey) born 02/02/1966 is a new member of the "Borgo degli Artisti" of Bienno.

Below is a very detailed statement provided by Ufuk himself regarding his life and art.

ďAs a boy I used to spend my summer holidays helping my father in his body shop, it was there that I came into contact with various types of metals, from iron to steel but also through copper and brass, where I then learned to weld and paint.

I started my artistic research in 2006, when I made my first sculptures with materials that had been washed away and left on the shore by the sea, on the beaches around Bodrum (Turkey), once people became interested in my work I started looking for more durable materials.

Working with new materials is exciting because each one has its own smell, relationship to the touch, need for treatment and reaction to processing.

I also like working with metal scraps, sometimes a wreck becomes the protagonist of my creation.

The work techniques I prefer are, the mesh with metallic thread, the colombino sculpture, in metal sheet and with mixed technique.

From April 2018 I moved my atelier to Italy where I continue to work in the province of Rimini (Poggio Torriana). "

Ufuk is part of the "Borgo degli Artisti" of Bienno since May 2019.