Compagnia Roggero - Theater with actors, puppets, puppets and puppets

The Roggero Company, famous throughout Italy for its puppet shows and puppets has landed in the village of Bienno!
For years Gabriella and Metello have been offering puppet shows and puppets all over Italy.
Below is a brief biography of the Company:

The birth in 2012 of the artistic association Compagnia Roggero wants to broaden the artistic cultural experience, to combine the THEATER OF FIGURE with that of ACTOR and CLOWN, to give even more emphasis to the recreational-educational and psychological value of art and theater, and then make sure that the public can enjoy it.

Individuals, as in an exchange / barter, meet the world of animated figures, helping each other to discover or rediscover the values ​​of life, memories, stories and legends, handed down over time.

The puppets, puppets or puppets can become our "inner children", our soul that "revives" like magic thanks to them. As in the "Marionette" Pinocchio, the character made of wood, can help Geppetto to revive its existence.

Gabriella and Metello are part of the "Borgo degli Artisti" from 2018.