Romani Marta e Logge Karl - Painters and Weavers

Marta and Karl are two new artists participating in the "Borgo degli Artisti" project of Bienno.

Below is a very detailed statement provided by them themselves regarding their art.

"We are Marta Romani from Brescia and Karl Logge from Sydney (Australia), both born in 1980.

With a background in animation, illustration, art education and design, installation, live-art and academic research, we have been working together since 2012, when we took part in the UNIDEE residence at Michelangelo Pistoletto's Cittadellarte.

After having worked on other projects for residences in Tokyo and Turin, in 2014 we chose Sardinia as a base to look for a radical, enriching and sustainable connection with the various dimensions of our doing.

While we learn the weaving techniques transmitted by Maestro Chiara Vigo, we investigate the themes of crisis, adaptation and interconnectivity through the generation of multidisciplinary site-specific works that use the material alchemy of work with color, time, repetition and nature.

Combining meditative focus and structure, characteristic elements of the art of weaving, we use spinning and dyeing with the freedom and abstraction present in contemporary practices and in our past works.

The heart of our work thus follows the spontaneous tendency to return to the ordinary world elements that are still not totally decodable by the five senses, making them through our intervention, hypervisible and shareable. "

Martha and Karl are part of the "Borgo degli Artisti" of Bienno from July 2019.